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Theatre Arts @ Compass


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Theatre Arts provides a playground for the mind of a child....

At Compass, we believe that Theatre Arts teaches habits, behaviors, and attitudes that are necessary for success throughout life's journey.

Experiences in theatre arts and creative dramatics help to develop children's language skills, creative thinking, problem solving abilities, capacity for self expression, and ability to work cooperatively. Through the arts, children learn to use their minds and bodies in creative ways. They learn to communicate both verbally and nonverbally, to present complex ideas in a variety of forms, and to understand what others are communicating through words, sounds, and images. Through these experiences, children imagine new possibilities and follow through on making them happen.

Through the collaboration of drama, dance, music, and movement, Theatre Arts @ Compass will enable children to grow in confidence and think positively about themselves and learning. Additionally, theatre arts teaches children about beauty, proportion, and grace. It helps to examine emotion, conflict, and power and have the ability to give us joy, promote empathy, and make the written word come alive! Theatre Arts @ Compass aims to connect our students and their families to the artists, art venues, and culture in our community.

Theatre Arts are woven into Compass' classroom curriculum every day. In addition, our bi-weekly Theatre Arts Enhancement program incorporates movement, dance, music, prop exploration, dramatic play, and theatre games in our classrooms in an age appropriate manner.

Theatre Arts @ Compass Enrichment class on Wednesdays will allow children to use their creative selves to dance, act, paint, sculpt, and create characters from their imaginations. The focus of the Enrichment class is on the process of collaboration and creation and not the finished product.

"Life is a journey, not a destination." - Ralph Waldo Emerson