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   img_0036Full Day Kindergarten

OPEN HOUSE on January 6, 2018  10am-1pm

2 Kindergarten presentations @10am & 12pm

Visit all other classes any time between 10am & 1pm


At Compass SchoolHouse we are committed to progressive education that brings direct research and real-world experiences into our students’ learning. Kindergarten at Compass will follow the natural curiosities of children at this age to form the basis for inquiry and study throughout the year. Regularly using the outdoors and our local community (Mindowaskin Park, Public Library, train station, Trader Joe's, etc.) as our classroom enables our students to use the world around them to construct meaning and apply emergent skills.

New and cross-curricular experiences and lessons in kindergarten teach new skills. A science lesson in Mindowskin Park exploring various types of trees/leaves also incorporates careful observational skills, communication with peers, and a respect for the larger community and environment. Writing and drawing about their own lives in order to share with others fosters empathy, collaboration, and an understanding of others. Selling plants as part of our Earth Day celebration encompasses the culmination of planting seeds, understanding life cycles, as well as teaching math, responsibility and communication with the larger Compass community.

Learning to read is an exciting process. Through traditional phonics instruction, as well as guided reading practices and small instructional groups, Compass students will learn sight words, phonetic decoding and the conventions of reading. Basic math concepts are learned through daily lessons, calendar activities, along with hands-on math games and manipulatives.

Our kindergarten classroom boasts natural light and organization that is child-centered, giving students ownership of their space and of their learning. Class size is no larger than 15 students with a lead teacher that holds a Masters Degree as a Literary Specialist and Bachelors Degree and certification in Elementary Education and a teacher's assistant. The kindergarten curriculum includes the arts, music, STEM, physical education, foreign language, library, and technology.

FLEX TILL 4  is an optional end of day time of ‘structure with flexibility’ including gross and fine motor activities in a relaxed environment. Available Monday through Friday, choose the days that work with your schedule.


Kindergarten   Monday through Friday  8:45am - 2:45pm

FLEX TILL 4      Available Monday through Friday until 4pm