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Compass SchoolHouse Staff


The staff of Compass SchoolHouse is the enduring heart, mind and soul of our school. Children love learning when they are inspired by teachers who have a passion for learning and sharing their knowledge.

Compass SchoolHouse is committed to attracting, retaining, and developing teachers with outstanding academic credentials and strong personal integrity whose teaching, character and example will make a significant difference in the lives of children.

Sue DeWeever

Rider University, B.S.

Stacy Gunther

University of Delaware, B.S.
Head Teacher
3's Lead Teacher

Cindy Babetski

Kean University, B.A.
Group Teacher
Junior K Lead Teacher

Barbara Harbaugh

Misericordia University, B.S.
Group Teacher
Junior K Lead Teacher

Christine Pugliese

Fordham University, B.A.
Office Administrator

Stacey Kelly

Class Facilitator
Office Administrator Assistant

Gwen Trombley

Columbia University, M.A., Literary Specialist
University of Connecticut, B.S., Elementary Education
Kindergarten Teacher

Lesley Rodriguez

CDA Credential
Jr. K Assistant Teacher

Antoinette Ciardullo

Brooklyn College, B.S.
Toddlers Lead Teacher
Lunch Bunch Lead Teacher (2's)

Liz Robertson

Denison University, B.A.
3's Assistant Teacher

Noah Anderson

Union County College
3's Assistant Teacher
Lunch Bunch Lead Teacher (3's+)
Technology Analyst

Emilia Tabback

Rutgers University, B.A.
2's Lead Teacher

Patty Walch

Taylor Business Institute
2's Lead Teacher

Maureen Alvarado

University of Rhode Island, B.S.
Cuddlers Lead Teacher

April Adams

Kean University, B.A.
2's | Cuddlers Assistant Teacher

Angela Murphy

St. Joseph's College NY, B.A.
2's | Toddlers Assistant Teacher

Joe Zagorski

Tiffin University, M.H.
Stockton University, B.A.
Junior K Assistant Teacher
Technology Analyst

Dianne Mohan

3's Lead Teacher

Mary Rittendale

Iona College, B.S.
2's | Cuddlers Assistant Teacher

Kim Schroeder

Penn Foster College
3's Assistant Teacher

Dianne Talbot

Junior K | 2's Assistant Teacher

Brooke Kutner

Compass Theatre Arts Teacher
Temple University, M.F.A. Theatre
Abilene Christian University, B.F.A. Theatre

Amy Imhoff

King's College
Masters of Teaching in Spanish
Spanish Teacher

Christine McMullan

Lehigh University, M.A.
King's College, B.S.
2's | Toddlers Assistant Teacher

Corinne Coates

Green Mountain Jr. College, A.L.A.
Toddlers Assistant Teacher

Rose Couto

Roberts Walsh Business School

Kristy Taormina (2016)

Cuddlers Assistant Teacher

Liz Hughes (2016)

Toddlers Assistant Teacher

Kari Whitehurst (2016)

Enrichment Teacher

Kristy Bible (2016)

Enrichment Teacher